Organic Dog Food, What to Look For And What To Look Out For

The more we as humans become aware of what foods we ingest in our bodies, the more we can be aware of what our household pets eat. Animals such as cats should be well taken care of by feeding good food and providing good shelter such as a good outdoor cat cage.  Organic Pet Food has become a popular option and there are various different companies claiming to carry the best organic food brand. The four top organic dog foods on the market are: Diamond Pet Organics, Organyx Dog Food, Blue Buffalo, and Taste of the Wild. Each brand has many amazing ingredients, but there are many ingredients you should still avoid when shopping for your hungry canine.

When you are in a rush and need to purchase dog food, you might go and grab the first bag that says organic on it at your local pet store. Many owners assume the most expensive bag of pet food might be the best quality, but fail to read the labels of the dog food bag. As a result, the owner ends up wasting their money and their dog still isn’t eating what is good for them.

An example of the matter out of the top four “best organic dog foods” is Diamond Pet Organics. Diamond Pet Organics may seem like a great product, but when you read the ingredients, you will see that the dog good doesn’t only contain wheat, but it also contains fruits with citric acid and various amounts of cheese. Blue Buffalo has some great ingredients as well, but it claims to be grain free and has Barley and Rye, which are gluten. Many dog food companies will claim that dogs need grains in their diet because it keeps domesticated dogs differentiated from wolves. The companies that say this may be right on the aspect of not giving your household pet raw meat, but wheat is hard to digest for the dog’s body. Grains that are ok for your dog are grains like oats, rice, brown rice, and quinoa. If you are unsure about the controversy about dogs eating gluten, try to test your dog on his wheat/gluten intolerance before purchasing this product.

Taste of the Wild is a great brand, but some dogs are sensitive to eggs, blueberries, and tomatoes. Eggs are in almost every dog ingredient, but high amounts are not necessary. Tomatoes and blueberries contain loads of vitamins essential to humans and pets, but these fruits contain high amounts of citric acid, which are hard on your pet’s digestive system. Make sure to avoid citrus in your pet’s diet as well.